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Argos 'Get It Now'

About this video

The bookmark of most I phones and British Public alike, Argos is a household name in the UK and stands up to a wealth of consumer responsibility. A delightful backdrop and theme for the new Argos Campaign by CHI "Order online today and Enjoy today" is the slogan and heart of this commercial. Creative team Matt and Wayne conceptualised this lovely Summer scene whilst Stink water the seeds of a good idea executed by the direction of StyleWar. Glassworks enhanced the day's pleasure with pixelated and moulded characters visuals built in 3D to give them the distinctive quality as well as to effect of the fluid integration into the live action.  Composited in 2D, the control of the tactic used by the Glassworks team included 4 modellers over 6 weeks making and rendering the objects and scenes whilst applying the voxelisation program to bring everything together.


Glassworks team

  • 3D Lead
    Alastair Hearsum
  • 3D
    Darren Cullis
  • 3D
    Roman Vrbovsky
  • 3D
    Jonathan Ridge
  • 3D
    Jon Bragado
  • 3D
    Ben Beckett
  • 3D
    Matthew Fletcher
  • Flame Lead
    Ruben Llusia
  • Flame Assist
    Alex Blasco
  • Flame Assist
    Mikel Gomez
  • Flame Assist
    Hani Abdalla
  • TK Colourist
    Ben Rogers
  • Producer
    Kirsty Rutherford
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